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CRM + Marketing Automation

The MDC DOT platform includes a CRM we developed that provides critical data and functions you and your sales reps need. This includes marketing automation that’s built right into the platform.

Managing Your Contacts With Ease.

With Iris, you get detailed individual data on every contact in your list. Easily search or filter your list on many (given) criteria plus your own tagging system. With a few clicks, perform mass actions on a group of contacts; add them to a campaign, add a note, tag them and much more.

Comprehensive Contact Profiles.

See every interaction your contact has had with your emails, websites, or blogs to date. Select from a list of your prebuilt lead-nurturing campaigns to add your contact to, add notes about a contact in their profile, and schedule tasks with reminders for a timely follow-up. Upload proposals or other documents, and manually modify a lead score based on meetings and live prospect interactions.

Campaign Management

Select from a list of your prebuilt lead-nurturing campaigns. For sales teams, every email sent can be branded automatically to the sales rep and the email recipient.

Know Where Your Contacts Are In The Sales Process.

See your prospects’ current lead stage level, lead score, total visits, total page views, total email opens, total email clicks, time spent on your tracked websites, and downloads. You can also see more information in the details of each activity.

Filter Contacts By Using Tags.

Create and apply an unlimited number of tags based on attributes determined by you. Tag contacts individually or as a group, and filter by tag(s) in the lead catalog.

Tasks Keep You Productive.

Keep your healthcare marketing campaigns organized and on course by scheduling tasks with reminders for a timely follow-up.

Our Technology

Marketing Automation

Take your healthcare business to the next level with marketing automation. Deploy lead nurturing and scoring, and instant sales alerts to drive growth.



Our CRM provides critical data and functions the average healthcare business needs to become great, including contact tracking and digital sharing tools that are built right in.


Email Marketing

With Iris, you build your campaigns by connecting the dots. Our patented campaign builder makes it easy to create custom marketing campaigns.


Social Media Marketing

Our “Get Social” marketing tool allows you schedule social posts to go out in minutes, hours, days, weeks or months in the future.



Our analytics allow you to begin measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategy; and develop metrics to increase your bottom-line profits.


Email Verification

At no additional cost, every email added to our system is verified as a deliverable address via our native integration with


Prospect Tracking

Our tracking relies on device fingerprinting instead of browser cookies, which allows us to generate the most accurate contact profile possible.


Webform Builder

Leverage our drag n drop webform builder to generate mobile responsive forms in minutes to capture leads and newsletter sign ups.


Third Party Integrations

We have native integrations with several third-party platforms so you can do more to grow your healthcare business.


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