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Analytics & Reporting

By using MDC DOT analytics, you can mine your big data; begin measuring the effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategy; and develop powerful metrics to increase your profits.

Home Dashboard.

The “My Contacts” section shows an overview of the most important aggregated stats for all contacts in the system. “Upcoming Tasks” lists your next three scheduled tasks by contact and task type. The “Recent Activity” table is a real-time listing of the latest activity entries for your contacts as they happen. This gives you and your salespeople timely insights into their contacts’ online behaviors. The “Campaigns” table graphically displays total email stats for all campaigns.

My Stats Dashboard.

The “Stats Dashboard” is a 50-foot view that shows you and your sales teams what is working and helps them develop the best metrics for success.

Website Analytics.

With MDC DOT’s advanced analytics and reporting, you can analyze the BIG data you collect and put it to work for you. MDC DOT’s analytics allow you to mine your big data, begin measuring the effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategy, and develop powerful metrics to increase your bottom-line profits.

Email Campaign Stats

The “Email Campaigns” page shows stats for every campaign or group of campaigns for a selected time period. This section also shows which links were clicked within an email, as well as a domain report of your top five most sent domains.

Live Visitors.

Our “Live Visitors” page allows you to see both your anonymous and identified visitors in real-time.

Measure Your Teams Performance.

One of the hardest metrics to generate is how effectively your sales reps are performing. Iris shows you the analytics of your whole sales organization in one snapshot. You will gain insights into your top distributors, see their contact totals, and know when they last logged into the app. Additionally, with access to every sales reps individual stats, you can dig even deeper and learn even more about what is driving sales within your organization.

Our Technology

Marketing Automation

Take your healthcare business to the next level with marketing automation. Deploy lead nurturing and scoring, and instant sales alerts to drive growth.



Our CRM provides critical data and functions the average healthcare business needs to become great, including contact tracking and digital sharing tools that are built right in.


Email Marketing

With Iris, you build your campaigns by connecting the dots. Our patented campaign builder makes it easy to create custom marketing campaigns.


Social Media Marketing

Our “Get Social” marketing tool allows you schedule social posts to go out in minutes, hours, days, weeks or months in the future.



Our analytics allow you to begin measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategy; and develop metrics to increase your bottom-line profits.


Email Verification

At no additional cost, every email added to our system is verified as a deliverable address via our native integration with


Prospect Tracking

Our tracking relies on device fingerprinting instead of browser cookies, which allows us to generate the most accurate contact profile possible.


Webform Builder

Leverage our drag n drop webform builder to generate mobile responsive forms in minutes to capture leads and newsletter sign ups.


Third Party Integrations

We have native integrations with several third-party platforms so you can do more to grow your healthcare business.


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